General Meeting Minutes

CUPE Local 788

General Meeting January 6, 2017

  1. I  Call to order – 12:29
  2. II  Roll call of officers: Sharyn Carroll – Recording Sectary, Angela Thomas – Vice President, Angie Gray – Secretary Treasurer, Larry Melious – President, Sharyn Carroll – Trustee, Bob Campsall – Trustee, Lenore Baxendale – Trustee, Cedric Barker – Sergeant at arms

III Members Present: Thomas Vikander, Christopher Donovan-Fox, Kjell, Anne Goodall, Mark Beveridge, Clare Nuyens, Lisa Coles, Brien Anderson, Cory Nelson, Pauline Martens, Zoe Hall, Amos Van Pelt, Janice Shields, Randy Wolkawski, Jennifer Hughes, Olive Mann, Jacob MacLean
New Members: Michael Mullen, Peter Moffat, Zoe Hall, Krystel Saunders, Kim Aldridge

  1. IV  Approval of Agenda – approved
  2. V  Read and Approve Previous Minutes – approved
  3. VI  Matters Arising – Protein for the people. Local 788 was asked by GITA in 2015 to support the “Protein for The People” imitative whereby cans of salmon would be jointly purchased, with CUPEE 788 and GITA logos placed on each can, and distributed to local to southern Gulf Islands food banks. However Local 788 continues to fund each school, within SD64, “Food For Kids” program. This program allows each school to decide where there needs is greatest, ensuring that all kids have access to a healthy lunch and/or breakfast. Therefore Local 788 will not be participating in this co-sponsored program.
  1. VII  Treasurer’s Report – We a financially healthy and books are in good shape.
  2. VIII  Correspondence – No correspondence received since our last meeting. Please confirm email address with me before leaving. Local 788 website will now be administered by Clare Nuyens.

IX Executive Committee Report – Team meets once a month – overview what we do. A lot of job changes due to recent some retirements.
X Committees Reports*

  • Health and Safety – The committee chair has taken a new job on a different island and we need someone that can sit on Joint committee – If interested please speak to the executive team.
  • Hospitality- The books are healthy, nothing else to report. Nothing further to report at this time.
  • JJEC – The committee met in October and November. The IT job descriptions are now complete. We are still working on updating job descriptions as requests take priority over reviews we are currently working on.
  • Labour Management – No report
  • Layoff and Recall – No report
  • Pro -D – Updated Guidelines (brief review) Scholarship Committee – No report
  • Shop Steward – We currently have one active grievance that has been investigated. We are awaiting the judgment.
  • Supplemental Benefit Bank – We currently have one member on long-term disability.
  • Trustees – No report

XI Unfinished Business – By-Law Committee – We have completed our revision of the by laws. We put the revised edition up on the local 788 website. Please take time to review them. We will have a discussion and a motion to pass them at the AGM in June.


New Business – CUPE education Committee – tabled till next meeting Good of Union –

Adjournment 12:59

Meeting length 20 minutes