Health and Safety – Laura Morgan, Christopher Donovan, Angie Gray (Outer Gulf Islands)

Hospitality Committee – Wendy Scott, Mark Beveridge

Joint Job Evaluation Committee – Andy McNish, Angela Thomas, Gail Newman,

Labour Management – Tania Aguila, Bob Campsall, Angela Thomas, Janice Shields,  Larry Melious (ex-officio)

Layoff and Recall – Marie Boudin, Susan Garside, Angela Thomas, Andy McNish

Pro-D Committee – Lenore Baxendale, Ardice McCrea, Angie Gray

Scholarship Committee – Janice Shields, Sharyn Carroll and Glynis Finer

Supplemental Benefit Bank  – Angela Thomas, Angie Gray, Andy McNish, Glynis Finer Trustee – Bob Campsall, Lenore Baxendale, Sharyn Carroll

Shop Stewards –Sharyn Carroll, Janice Shields, Tania Aguila, Angie Gray, Larry Melious, Kristie Spencer

Chief Shop Steward – Angela Thomas

Workplace Reps

Pender  – Angie Gray

Galiano – Randy Wolowski

Fernwood – Mylene Dammel-Sherrin

Windsor House – Nicole Oechsner

Phoenix Elementary – Susan Garside

Plant Services – Debra Krause

SBO – Sonia Shaw

Fulford Elementary – Janice Shields

Mayne School Katia Korinth

Saturna – Barb Ropas

GISS –  Angela Thomas

SIMS – Wendy Scott


Updated March 2017